Spirit Connections

Experiencing the Divine

As we begin our journey to greater awareness we start to perceive sensations within and around us through meditation.  As we enter a meditative state, once the mind is still, we begin to experience the subtle energies that flows through us as feelings of deep love, an inner peace connection that is associated with the Divine (God, Source, Great Spirit).  
As we become more open to that love, that part of ourselves that is our Higher Self (the divine part of ourselves), we are then able to experience a greater awareness of our inner truths.  The more open we become by releasing our attachments to old beliefs, concepts, ideas, fears and painful experiences, the more we are able to experience that inner peace, love and joy of the Divine.  We begin to become unlimited in our thinking of how we perceive who and what we. 
As our journey to experience the Divine continues we began to notice how we as human beings are all connected to each other and to all things, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom and the spiritual world.

This planet is a wonderful and joyous place if we only remember that we were created as part of a higher consciousness to live in love and harmony.


Meditation is the source to help us connect with the Higher Self and is the only real thing which can give us real happiness, strength, freedom and the ability to connect wholly with others.   “Know Thyself” is a summary of the whole purpose of meditation, for he who truly knows himself is a Master of the Universe.  Through using meditation, you may notice changes in the way you feel, (less stressful, calm, more alert and energetic), there are many significant physical benefits from a daily practice of meditation. You will be able to access information stored in your higher conscious memory that will assist you in your life’s challenges.  Meditation is the beginning, the foundation of further spiritual and psychic development. 

Preparation for Meditation

Music, incense, chanting, affirmations, inspirational readings, invocation or prayer, can be used to get you into a state of relaxation and focus.

A simple technique for stilling the mind:   

Controlling the breathe is important.  Close your eyes, relax and begin to focus on your breathing, watching the inhalations and exhalations of the breath.  If the mind starts to wonder, acknowledge the thoughts, then gently bring yourself back to focusing on the breath.  
Try this simple technique for 15 minutes a day for two weeks.  The mind chatter should stop, but it does take some discipline.  But once you are able to meditate for 15 minutes, you can begin to increase your time.  The benefits of meditation are priceless.