Spirit Connections


"I'm so grateful and so lucky to receive such grace. The clarity will sustain me for quite a while" Kelly C., New Mexico

"It is quite evident that Sandramarie has a very special gift with which to benefit her fellow human beings and she does so with remarkable humility, understanding and love.  No wonder she has been chosen as a channel, her information has been a great value to me for which I am eternally grateful".  JoAnn F. New York

"The messages that came through Sandramarie brought great comfort to me in addition to evidence of life beyond the grave" Masa C, New York

"I'm very grateful for the rich renewal in my life that you helped to trigger since your reading." 
Doris P. California

Intuitive Counseling
As a Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Counselor I use my gifts of Clairvoyance and Spiritual Mediumship to bring messages from the spirit world.  These great beings are Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, The Ancient Ones, Spirit Teachers and Helpers, who bring their loving energy to assist you on your life's journey.

 They bring forth their ancient wisdom, unconditional love and compassion to help enlighten you through insights on specific problems, situations, old patterns and behaviors, limiting beliefs, desires or questions that effect your past, present or future. 
These insights help you to improve your life.  When you are open to receive Divine Guidance you are able to connect to that higher aspect of yourself that is all knowing and loving.  Learning to create life through better choices, joy and purpose allows you to become truly empowered.  When you start to vibrate on higher energy levels you become a vibrational match for that which you desire and brings those desire into your life. 
Through my intuitive and spiritual medium gifts, spirit brings us greater awareness of eternal life, and that our love ones do survive this earthly transition.  With the assistance of their loving energies, I may bring messages from the spiritual realms that will assist you through your grieving process and give you peace in the knowledge that they live on.

Give yourself a gift and experience loving and compassionate spiritual readings from these higher spirit masters and guides that will bring messages to you during my channeling sessions.     For more information on my services or an appointment call: (720) 9613881 or email